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Been listening to the Silent Hill 2 OST at 2AM so I figure this would be a great time to finally put out that story of how I almost got stuck in New York forever :). So unlike last year getting to Katsucon was a breeze and there was absolutely no problems with snow or anything like that. Getting back was smooth sailing too. We arrive at the New York bus terminal and I wait my hour or whatever until the bus taking me straight home was supposed to arrive. While I was sitting down I saw a teeny-tiny rat jump into a plant pot and scurry around in it. It was pretty fucking freaky even though it looked kinda cute. I quickly got away from the chairs and went to wait in line for my bus. There are three other people waiting in line for the bus which seemed odd but I didn't pay any mind to it I just wanted to get the hell away from the bus station. It always has this creepy, weird vibe like a Maniac Cop movie or something...

    One of the two people waiting in the very short line had a shit ton of bags and suitcases with her and she looked like she was in her 40s. For the purpose of this story I'll call her "Spike" and not like the dog Spike either but Spike from Degrassi. We kinda talked for a bit and she told me apparently she has been waiting at the station for about a day or 2 just to get on this bus! I was flabbergasted by this and she says it isn't bad during the day but at night that is when the "crazies" come out and start bothering travelers. I was thankful that the bus would be arriving soon... arriving soon... arriving soon... arriving soon.. arr-

    We wait about 40 more minutes for the damned bus until Spike had to pretty much pull the teeth of one of the staffers to get any info. Apparently there was a bad snowstorm and the roads were covered in ice so our bus that was supposed to leave sometime after 12AM was instead delayed until 4AM! Thankfully we weren't the only ones who were delayed as another bus was also put on the chopping block due to the "bad weather". Strange since it didn't look like it was snowing when we got in. Also to the staff guy who chuckled when we were lambasting them for not providing us with the necessary info prior to us forcing it out of them, :iconflipoffplz:! I hope those guys got fired or at least forced to listen to Kim Kardashian singing before they go to bed every night.

    I figure, you know what Spike has a fuckton of bags and being here for 4 hours by myself with the "crazies" will not be fun so it may be best to help her and at least not be alone. I help her with her many bags and we find a girl who was on the other delayed bus(very cute I might add and my age) and we kinda form a party. We head to the elevator and go onto a less crowded floor to recharge our electronics and hide from the "crazies". Also for the purpose of this story we shall call the other delayed bus girl Serah which is very close to her actual name without it actually being her actual name... Anyway we exchanged our various food items and were able to call our loved ones to let them know we would be getting to our destinations late. Things were going fine until the rocket launcher was confiscated; the cops kicked us out from the upper floor back down to the bottom floor cause they had to "clean the floors" or some bullshit. Pretty much the equivalent of being forced to play Dante Must Die mode without having any experience with the game first...

    We slowly head back downstairs and find a small hallway full of telephone booths and a couple of vending machines to hide out in. Spike and Serah each had to go somewhere to do something.. really can't remember what it was now... but I was basically left to stand guard over all their bags and mind for what seemed like forever. Several unsavory members of society passed by me and gave me "the look". I stood by those bags as if I were guarding a life either way though. One really old dude came up to me and he was all like "I am real hungry and I need to eat" and all I could think was that if I refused to give this guy anything he would still be there hours later and he might not be so nice next time we crosspaths so I went straight to my bag and grabbed two packets of poptarts and gave that to him(thank you so fucking much for leaving those in the room, :iconcosplayhazard:!) so the cutscene would end... Wow that really sounds weird looking at it in that kind of way. After an eternity they both make it back and we try to figure out what to do for the next several hours til Brad Vic- I mean the buses finally arrive. We sit down and just talk. Talk about random stuff and stories and different views of the world. I learned some things that I may never retain but still may be helpful to know anyone such as rubbing banana peels on your teeth can whiten them, the term "bae" that everyone uses actually means of "the shit", and boiled water supposedly isn't healthy... for some reason I can't remember why now. I also learned that both Spike and Serah are into anime! I told them all about Katsucon and cons in general.

    It was really creepy though cause there was one dude standing a short distance away from us and it seemed like he was starring at us... THE WHOLE TIME!!! I would glance over at him from time to time and he would just be looking with his dark green jacket hoodie on. We were all tired as hell and it was late but none of us wanted to go to sleep. It was like living a real life version of Nightmare on Elm Street(not counting the remake cause that sucked donkey). Even worse was we kept wondering what if the bus never came. What if it were delayed again and we were still stuck there. Then I thought back to a video I made a LOOOONNNGG time ago where I outright stated that if you got lost in the real world you would end up becoming a hobo. HIGH OCTANE NIGHTMARE FUEL!

    The worst of my suspicions were becoming true though. A group of kids who looked like they were on a 2AM field trip passed us and a few of them gave us these "meal tickets". None of us knew how the fuck to use them so we just kinda kept them there. Some random dude came up to us and was all like "give me yo' money cause I needs to eat" and we were like "we ain't got no money but we have some meal tickets". We hand the tickets to him and he looks at us like we're fucking crazy and walks off. We all instantly thought of the scene in Scary Movie where Cindy tries giving the hobo a sandwich and the hobo goes "I SAID A DOLLAR, BITCH!" and throws it back at her! That moment kept us from getting too depressed about the current situation.

    At some point Serah pulls her patterned turtleneck or something over her face and I notice a Mew in one of the patterns! I squeal with delight and unzip my jacket to reveal the Team Rocket symbol. Not only were they both into anime but Serah was also a gamer too. Her reason for the trip was to meet her boyfriend(:icondamnitplz:) who she met over one of the Halo goes on Xboxlive. I don't remember why Spike was traveling but she does it a lot and told us the story of the "chicken bus" down way south. They allow chickens on the bus and their are actually two drivers but one stays hidden underneath the bus until it is his time to drive. I didn't know things like that actually existed in reality which just freaks me the fuck out! Don't they have lives, don't they get uncomfortable being under the bus like that?!

    Eventually Spike went to sleep so it was up to Serah and I to guard her in case anyone tried anything. I pull out my 3DS which still had some battery life left in it and we play some co-op games on WarioWare. Yeah yeah I know, not the smartest idea to pull out a 3DS in the dark and depressing underground of the bus terminals of NY but we were bored as all hell. The battery did die though and we were left with only ourselves. Some crazy dude came into our vicinity and was screaming about where he was supposed to go and he looked like he was on the verge of hitting somebody. We remained calm and he was gone. I can't quite remember what happened after that asides from Spike waking up and asking what was all the racket about. With only 20 minutes til the buses are supposed to arrive we grab our stuff and head over to the waiting area. Strangely enough the other guy that was waiting in line with us the first time the bus was delayed was not there...

    Thankfully though it was confirmed that the buses are running and there would be no more delays! HOORAY! Happy Day! The nightmare is finally over! The buses arrive and we tell our goodbyes to Serah since she was heading to a different place than us. Just as it was getting to NY it was smoothing sailing getting out of NY. I still don't even know if it actually snowed or not. Maybe I've just been reading too much on Silent Hill but in a twisted way it seems as if that was what kept us in NY as opposed to this "snowstorm". If it were real anyway then that would seem a likely explanation. Kinda like a "face your fears, try to bond with strangers in times of peril" test.
    Our best arrives at the destination and Spike and I make our final goodbyes as well. I head to the car and told my mom the whole story. I don't remember what she said but she probably said something about it being a random pop-quiz in life as well. All I know is that next year I am flying.... or maybe not. That shit is expensive!


Here to show off conventions.
United States
I've been conventioning for about 3 years now and I take frequent amounts of video and pictures which always ended up getting uploaded to youtube but then I thought about it "why don't I upload the pictures to deviantart as well so that people will be able to view those many pictures whenever they want to and in the original aspect ratio?" So I finally made this DA chronicling the many cosplays of cons!

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