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Figure it is about time I got to doing my recap of PAX East this year. I know in the last one I said I would keep it short but I did a word count and the Anime Boston recap ended up being longer than the Katsucon one :o. Had to stay at my sister's place due to not wanting to pay $200 a night to roomshare. It seemed like every room this year was expensive as all hell so I just said No, I disagree!. It was like when I first went to PAX East years ago and had to stay at my sister's as well but better because I actually have more of a clue on where to keep luggage and how much I should actually spend on stuff. Friday was like my really nervous day cause I barely took any pictures and didn't do an impromptu shoots. I also honestly didn't play that many games in the expo hall either. Most of the games they had were MOBAs(which I had to look up to figure out what the hell that was) and FPSs which I don't really care for. I didn't see Capcom, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Konami and Square was BARELY there. I did try Murdered: Soul Suspect and while it does have pretty graphics the gameplay seemed a little confusing. Was I supposed to play hot potato with the hide points whenever those reaper-like beings found me? I spent a lot more time in the Classic Console room. I did play Pokemon Y for about three hours when I got there and during that brief time I decided I indeed want the game. Now I have my own copy and have been playing it nonstop since.

I also saw my hero/idol Swoozie… the Dance Central station! I didn't think I would see him at a PAX ever again after 2013 let alone see him playing Dance Central but sure enough he was. Then when he was done playing I walked up to him and he was like "Mike! Is that you?". He remembered me even after all these years and I was just like in :iconhappytearsplz: mode. That moment pretty much shattered my growing perception that internet fame can cause people to change into complete assholes... for the most part. I thought he had become to big on Youtube that he had abandoned PAX after being there for years but I was wrong on all counts. Later I donned my Bloody Ghostface cosplay and did various horror trivia games with random people and gave prizes to the winners (and losers :doh). Props to the two dudes who I randomly got into a conversation with involving such topics as "prostitutes, goverment cheese, and videogames". Had nothing to do with "horror" but it made my night so I gave them a pin anyway. I actually ended up giving everyone a pin that participated but next time I'll have to be stricter and have an actual losing prize such as taking a picture of them getting stabbed(WITH A FAKE MACHETE! GAWD DON'T GET ALL FRUMPY!). Also for the first time in probably years I went to a panel at PAX and it was about how to make the internet a better place despite people being complete assholes all the time. Very informative and it touched on the fact that people feel that because they are on the internet with over a billion other people that their voice doesn't matter so saying whatever they want(even if it is hurtful) is the norm. Even big Youtubers like BlackNerdComedy(actually especially him) deal with trolls in and the like. I enjoyed the panel though and it was the only one I went to throughout the weekend. Also it was an honor being able to dance with Trainer Red and Bird Jesus to "Rumpshaker" on Dance Central :dance:.

Saturday and Sunday I was less nervous and actually tried doing some impromptu as well as planned shoots. Did one with :iconcopperchrome:, :iconkoifishasylum:, :iconmicrokitty:, :iconnorsedanceparty:, :iconchozostalker:, and a semi planned/impromptu shoot with :iconloveofcountry: and :iconvolko-dav:. Tried a different technique by having the speedlite/flash off camera and holding it. Some pictures came out nicely but others looked as if the flash had not got off at all but still learning. Also got a free trial of Adobe Lightroom for a month so in the process of editing ALL the photos but will still post the originals as well.

Went to classic console room and found out that not only Wario Ware was there but they were having a tourney for it! I've spent countless hours on this game on my 3DS so I had to play it. I wanted to pick it up but they said they had to set-up the multiplayer stages for the tourney and I told them I would do it and they were like "YAY!" and offered various foodstuff and a cool trinket. I've only played the Gamecube version once so of course I didn't actually know what I was doing at first but after about an 40 minutes of playing all the stages on singleplayer I figured out that I had to be in multiplayer to unlock the multiplayer stages :doh:. Three others joined me though and we were able to unlock a good chunk of the stages before the dude with the marker suit named Dan proclaimed that he had a memory card with everything unlocked in his car. The memory card was eventually obtained and the data copied over to the PAX memory card but I did end up getting the Canadian chocolate as well as this cool, gold PAX Prime 2013 medallion as well for taking the time to help unlock the stages in the first place. The tournament starts and I beat my first opponent but the 2nd round we did Wario's Out of My Way game where one person does the minigames while the other person is trying to distract the player by jumping and growing on-screen. I choose Crygor when I probably should've chosen Wario or Dribble. I lost but only by one point; opponent got 13 minigames and I got 12. Later I found out that this tourney was a last minute decision cause the enforcers originally wanted to host Parappa or some other game I didn't care about. Dan and I demanded that they have a Wario Ware tournament every year from now on cause it is fun as all hell! I figured there would only be like maybe 5-8 people there but there was at least 14-18 people in total. I don't say this often but for a game that old and seemingly obscure that is HYPE!

Later that night after the expo hall had closed I changed into Bloody Ghostface again(forgot all other cosplays due to rushing), roamed around the bridge that had curtains and hid behind a pillar whilst slicing into my mask with a (FAKE) machete and pumping the blood out. A lot of people were generally freaked out when they turned and saw me and I had a fucking blast! After about half an hour or something I left and sat in one of the comfy chairs on the Level 2 and had the (FAKE) machete going through my mask as if it had been embedded there and just looked dead. I saw two cops walking by and I was like "AW fuck! Somebody must've complained about someone pretending to be dead in a chair!" but they just nodded and kept walking :phew:. Ran into several Ghostbusters while cosplaying as Ghostface which lead to some... interesting encounters. Also played Ninja for about 3+ hours or something with an awesome group. Always a fun game to play on Saturday night of a con.

Sunday was extremely awkward. I had originally bought only a Friday and Saturday pass and didn't buy a Sunday since I remember last year you could still get into the building without a pass but couldn't do most events/panels or the expo hall. This year they apparently changed that when they brought in their "bag check" crew and to get into the building at all you needed a badge. :iconodd-cl: and I had planned on hanging out at PAX after AB had ended but neither of us knew about this change until Sunday. Long story short I ended up buying a Sunday for $40 and :iconodd-cl: stayed home since he didn't have a badge. Next year we will be more prepared though. Later that day I met up with :icondarzeth: and we cruised the Expo Hall looking at various indie games and the new HD PVR Rocket which we both agreed is the most awesome thing ever; it records the COMMENTARY as well as the game audio and video! Played this really sweet indie game called Aztez which is very much like Dishwasher: Dead Samurai but with an emphasis on survival and trying to rack up as much points as possible. I will definitely get that game once it comes out. All-in-all the PAX East experience this year was alright but it felt like there was a lot missing. This year probably had the most changes out of any previous years I've attended what with bag check, expo closing time of 6pm instead of 7pm, con center closing at midnight instead of 2am, the long lines in the bathrooms(as well as the strange removal of womens restrooms which I didn't really notice til I saw the forums. I did notice all the "MENS" and "WOMENS" signs though and thought that was funny how they spelled it). I have a feeling based on what I've seen on the forums though that next year will be less enjoyable and probably even more impossible to attend than this year. All I mostly see is "make badge prices higher" or "don't announce when they are on sale" so pretty much people want to turn PAX into another E3 where only the rich and famous get admittance. Its a good thing that PAX isn't my only convention of the year or this realization would be more devastating than it is. Well I think that was shorter than the last two... lemme check... yep shorter but not by that much. Thanks for reading and it is now time to start uploading photos :happybounce: !


Here to show off conventions.
United States
I've been conventioning for about 2 years now and I take frequent amounts of video and pictures which always ended up getting uploaded to youtube but then I thought about it "why don't I upload the pictures to deviantart as well so that people will be able to view those many pictures whenever they want to and in the original aspect ratio?" So I finally made this DA chronicling the many cosplays of cons!

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OnsoulTheLostHelgast 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hey your heading to Colassalcon this year right? What day's because I'm going to be there Friday and Saturday to show off my Deadpool cosplay.
KoiFishAsylum 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Look what I just found xDDDD…
Holy fuck! I didn't think it would ever be found! Lol I look so bored and my sister is all like "how do I play this game?!" but that was an awesome blast from the past. That guy screeching at the end was the best part though!
KoiFishAsylum 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I just remember thinking this song is a lot longer and repetitive than I remember lol And Hey we did pretty darn good xD and we even got an encore!
Yeah you had to say "That boy is a monster" a helluva lot! I don't remember if we actually did the encore or not though... I don't think so cause it's only once per party then we would have to jump back in line. We should totally do this again next year though!
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RoxanneTheLycan Apr 16, 2014  New member Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hey man hope you're doing well, thanks for all your work. It makes us relive the awesome cons even after its over.
Thank you! I am glad someone can enjoy the memories even if I am not that great of a photographer Sweating a little... 
Thank you so much for faving!
It means the world to me!!
Thanks for the fav! :ahoy:
jt0002 Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I missed you this year!!! :(
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